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Kmk Part

Peg Supports Splits with only one thing changed. If your keyboard uses 2 wire configuration you need to add rx and tx to your

    rx = board.RX
tx = board.TX

Peg part

No changes need / can to be made to your for splits every time the keymap is saved the code is re-generated from the data in layout.json. There for no configuration is parsed in your The only requirement is that your keymap is setup for EE-Hands see example below.

split = Split(use_pio=True)

Notice how no side is passed. This will be parsed by the split module based on the name of the controller. To make that work when your keymap is installed on the keyboard the first time we generate a that will rename your controller from "CIRCUITPY" to "KEYBOARD_NAME-L or R" based on the info given in your layout.json


Like we go over in the layout docs splits have 5/6s fields in the "features":{ object.

"rx_tx": true,
"uartFlip": false,
"split": true,
"rightSide": false,
"ble": false,
  • rx_tx
    • bool
  • uartFlip
    • bool
  • split
    • bool
  • rightSide
    • bool
  • splitPico
    • bool
  • ble
    • bool

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