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Kmk Part

Peg Supports Splits with only one thing changed. If your keyboard uses 2 wire configuration you need to add rx and tx to your

    rx = board.RX
tx = board.TX

Peg part

No changes need / can to be made to your for splits every time the keymap is saved the code is re-generated from the data in layout.json. There for no configuration is parsed in your


Like we go over in the layout docs splits have 5/6s fields in the "features":{ object.

"rx_tx": true,
"uartFlip": false,
"split": true,
"rightSide": false,
"ble": false,
  • rx_tx
    • bool
  • uartFlip
    • bool
  • split
    • bool
  • rightSide
    • bool
  • splitPico
    • bool
  • ble
    • bool

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