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Kmk Part

Peg Supports Oleds configured using the peg_oled_display extension. This extension and there for peg only support 32x128 OLEDS.

Peg part

In add your oled python code (example below) They should only be set to toDisplay=OledDisplayMode.TXT because the client only downloads,layout.json and to the cpy drive so images would lead to a non working keymap. There should be no un-needed spaces or returns the code needs to be read by a computer not by us.

# oled
oled_ext = Oled(OledData(corner_one={0:OledReactionType.STATIC,1:["layer"]},corner_two={0:OledReactionType.LAYER,1:["","","","","","","",""]},corner_three={0:OledReactionType.LAYER,1:["","","","","","","",""]},corner_four={0:OledReactionType.LAYER,1:["","","","","","","",""]}),toDisplay=OledDisplayMode.TXT,flip=False)
# oled

# oled Is just like any other wrapping comment in Peg, letting the client know that it should parse this code as a OLED configuration. So you need one comment above and below your OLED code.


Like we go over in the layout docs Oled has 1 field in the "features":{ object.

"oled": true,
  • oled
    • bool

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