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Kmk Part

Almost nothing needs to be changed here if you keyboard works it takes no extra configuration to bring to peg.

Peg part

In add your keymap python code (example below) Peg does not support a dynamic amount of layers you need to have 8 layer. You do not need to come up with uses for them but they should be there. Peg does not support variables as keycodes So swap LOWER for KC.MO(1) and anything along those lines. Also for your PR to be accepted your keymap should have no custom keycodes in it as the Peg client wont pick them up and will swap them for KC.NO. There should be no un-needed spaces or returns the code needs to be read by a computer not by us. Only return after a layer and one space before the first layer and after the last before the closing ].

# keymap
keyboard.keymap = [ [layer 0...],
[layer 1...],
[layer 2...],
[layer 3...],
[layer 4...],
[layer 5...],
[layer 6...],
[layer 7...] ]
# keymap

# keymap Is just like any other wrapping comment in Peg, letting the client know that it should parse this code as a keymap configuration. You need one comment above and below your keymap code.


No part of your keymap is configured by layout.json

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